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  Skin Care Team

providing Signature Treatments tailored to meet Your individual needs.
Sue Ann Seymour
Licensed Cosmetology Instructor
Founder of Sue Ann Seymour Cosmetics & Skin Care


For over 40 years Sue has specialized in make up and esthetics to help women of all ages look and feel rejuvenated and naturally beautiful.  Sue and her team deliver customized and corrective skin care. Your personally tailored treatments will correct, change and maintain healthy radiant skin. 


Our team of estheticians are privileged to work hand in hand with Blue Ridge Plastic Surgery in a true medically directed setting under the supervision of Dr. Overstreet which allows us to identify and provide advanced transformative treatments to achieve younger looking and acting skin.

Our Team
Sue Ann Seymour

Licensed Cosmetology Instructor

Pictured Above

Jana Hale

Licensed Esthetician

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